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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yeah... well... I changed my mind!

I tried to convince my co-worker that we needed to tell the principal that we couldn't be in charge of making student IDs for the whole friggin school... she wouldn't listen. I explained how I had seen that scenario go very, very badly in other schools. I even know of one person who quit their job because they could never finish a lesson! They were constantly interrupted by someone who had to have their IDs replaced right NOW. Plus the endless headache of trying to collect the replacement fee from the nasty little mofos who never paid for anything.

But she just wouldn't listen.

So I spent way too much time today fixing broken ribbons and unjamming the card feeder. It had to be constantly turned on and off to reset itself.

The printer is the crappiest piece of technology I have seen in a long, long time. I want to pitch it into the dumpster. But since I've only made it through the R's of 6th grade... 7th and 8th to go... I have to baby it along.


Oh, and why the hurry? So the little darlings can have them to get into the dance tomorrow night. grrrrr


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