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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This is probably the last word you want to hear...

Right now I think it's a bigger cuss word than Mofo or Cocksucker! (when is Deadwood coming back?)

Anyway... the word for the day is I. N. V. E. N. T. O. R. Y. Sends chills down my spine. Makes my eyes roll back in my head. Causes a profound desire to throw things. Big heavy dusty things. Out the window.

Oh, how I dream of a world without 8 Laser Disk Players on the inventory (still!) and only 7 in the AV Closet. Who could possibly have the other one? Why would anyone steal one of those antiques? And Slide Projectors! Why do we still have 5? The only person who ever checks one out is the technophobe art teacher, who thinks she can't teach an art history class without showing slides. Mention words to her like web resources, PowerPoint, and InFocus and her eyes roll back in her head... it's enough of a struggle for her to input her grades on a computer.

Listening Centers that have not seen the light of day for 15 years should be salvaged. So should all the broken down, outdated bits and pieces of technology that have been donated to the library by well meaning souls. Why do we have 2 typewriters?

Oh, and that's another thing... the word "salvage!" All it means is that the district, eventually - usually next year sometime, will come pick up half of the salvage materials and warehouse them. Some day, those warehouses will outnumber the schools! Can't we attempt to sell these items on Ebay, buy new technology if we make any money at all... if they don't sell... ship them out in nice tidy relief packages to 3rd world countries who need any sort of technology. The stuff all still works! Dozens of librarians have slaved for years to make sure they still work.

Not me, nosirreebob, if the bulb burns out on that slide projector, I am not replacing it.


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