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Monday, October 16, 2006

Ordering books can either be a chore to be avoided at all costs and done the last minute... or it can be one of the truely fun things about working in a library. It does get boring reading reviews all the time, but one must do homework! bleh...

So today was a fun day. We sat down with a jobber, and flipped through a jillion catalogues with our student aides. We really wanted their input, especially when it came to biographies. After all, who are we ordering for? Why those very same students, and all their bouncy happy friends! Oh, yeah, and all those miserable arguing slackjawed yokels, too. Mofos!

I'd love to order every graphic novel out there, but the little mofos tear them up and steal them. Sometimes I wish they would just steal them, instead of bringing back rags for me to cuss over as I try to repair them enough to go sit on the shelf for ten seconds again before they are checked out.


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